More details of club history to be added as we receive it and as we have time to collect it in one place.


Between July 1st, 1929 and June 30, 1930, the amateur radio callsign W9DUM was issued to John Douglas Martin Jr. of Rolla, MO at 1003 Elm St, Rolla, MO (a graduate student in EE).

By June 30th, 1931, the station was still listed in the name of John Douglas Martin Jr. but was listed as located in Norwood Hall on the Missouri School of Mines and Metallurgy campus in Rolla, MO.

Between September 1937 and March 1938, W9EEE had been assigned to the M.S.M. Radio Club, Rolla, MO.

By March 1940 (can’t find 1939 data), W9DUM was no longer assigned to anyone.

Sometime between March 1941 and September 1946, W9 call district was split and the WØ district was created (more data needed).

In September 1946, W9EEE was still the callsign of MSM Radio Club even though the W9/WØ split had already happened.

By September 1947, the MSM Radio club was assigned the callsign WØEEE.  This date was also the first reference to the club station being in the Rolla Building.


  • Jackling Gymnasium/Norwood: 1931-1947
  • Rolla Building: 1947-1996
  • Buehler Building: 1996-1999
  • Emerson Electric Company Hall: 1999-Present


  • Prof. Wesley Miller
  • Dr. Robert Nau, SK 1913-2001
  • Dr. Norman Cox, KEØZT
  • Dr. Randy Moss, KCØEYC
  • Dr. Rosa Zheng, KDØGLO
  • Dr. Kurt Kosbar, KØSBR