The Missouri S&T Amateur Radio Club is open to all students, faculty, & staff of Missouri S&T, as well as other hams from the community! Please check out some of the resources below to connect with us.

Visit the station

Our amateur radio station (commonly called “the shack”) is located in room G29/30 of Emerson Hall. The shack is usually open any time a member is present (which tends to be most of the day during the week). If we aren’t around, send us an email, and we’ll find a time to make sure a member is available to show you the station.

Join the Discord

Discord is our primary method of online communication. Join our server to get information on club events and connect with our community!

Licensed Hams: Call out on the repeater

If you already hold a Technician class license or higher, feel free to call out on our repeater. There’s almost always someone listening, so grab the information from the repeater page, and make a call!