Missouri S&T Amateur Radio Club has two amateur radio repeaters on top of the Thomas Jefferson Hall South Tower in Rolla, Missouri. These allow operators to use inexpensive handheld radios (walkie-talkies) to communicate over 60 miles away from almost anywhere inside Phelps County, and across the world if going through our internet linking systems. A Technician Class license is required to utilize them.

VHF 2 meter Repeater: 145.450MHz (offset -0.6MHz) PL 110.9

The VHF repeater operates on 145.450 MHz with a negative 0.600 MHz offset. A PL tone of 110.9 Hz is required and transmitted by the repeater.

UHF 70cm DMR Repeater: 443.825MHz (+) Color Code 12

Time Slot 1
2 Missouri S&T Miner Net
3129 Missouri Statewide
9500 Collegiate
31291 Southwest Missouri
31292 St Louis Metro
31295 Central Missouri

Time Slot 2
31201 Backyard Repeater Group – Kansas City (BYRG)

Local 2 (TG 2) on TS1 is connected to TG 312944 (Missouri S&T Miner Net).
TG 312944 can be used remotely to talk on TS2 of the Rolla DMR repeater.

In the event you would like to use another talkgroup that is on the Brandmeister network, we ask that if you want to activate any other talkgroup other than the ones listed above, please use time slot 1.

Example, if you want to talk on TG91 (Worldwide) or TG93 (North America), program your radio to use slot 1.  Please do not use this repeater to just monitor a non-static talkgroup.  If you wish to listen to a talkgroup and not use it, please utilize the Brandmeister Hose.